Want to meet young talent?, Obtain creative solutions?, Meet companies open for innovation?, Visit ID Connect!

About ID Connect

Creative problem solving skills applied to real life cases by connecting industrial design students and companies.

Discover what Industrial Designers can add to your team! ID Connect is a networking event with an evening-filling two-fold program, which will consist of inspirational speakers, design case pitch battles and a networking drink to close off the evening! During this evening, companies are given the opportunity to present themselves, get to know future interns and employees, and see what roles Industrial Designers could fulfill within their team.

Virtual Design Expo

The 4th of November, there was be a virtual exposition of some projects done by Industrial Design students.


From January leading up to the event, keep an eye on our social media!

Design Cases

Students can participate in design cases, with a chance to present their design at ID connect!

How to network workshop

To prepare for the event, students will be taught how to network in this interactive workshop.

ID Connect 2021

Save the date! ID Connect will take place 23rd of March 2021.

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