24th of october @ Igluu Eindhoven

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Industrial Design students from the TU/e form bridges between different worlds. They can connect users to products and can go from a wild idea to a concrete concept or prototype. Because they have basic knowledge of a lot of expertises, they are versatile and good at working and communicating within multidisciplinary teams. ID Connect will showcase these values and put them in context.

ID Connect will consist of two parts; an opening program with success stories and presentations, and a networking program. In the first part you will be introduced to the value industrial designers bring to the industry by means of a series of success stories on a stage. Between these presentations, students will present the results of a Design Case they have been working on for a month. After the presentations, there is the ability to attend the networking part of this event.

Program overview




Opening doors

Paul Gardien - The value of industrial designers in corporates
Jan belon - Hidden Design
Sylvie Claes - Setting up a business from an industrial design project

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